Alitheia Capital Shortlisted for Impact Funder of the Year Award and more at the 2024 Africa Impact Investment Awards

Alitheia Capital has been shortlisted for two significant awards at the 2024 Krutham Africa Impact Investment Awards. These nominations reflect Alitheia’s unwavering commitment to driving impactful and sustainable investments across Africa. Last year, Alitheia was shortlisted for the Impact Fund of the Year (2023) award and placed second, making this year its second consecutive year as a finalist for the award.

The Krutham Africa Impact Investment Awards recognise success, excellence, and innovation in impact investment across Africa, celebrating the organisations and initiatives driving positive change and sustainable development. Alitheia Capital’s commitment to creating lasting social and economic impact across the continent has earned it a place among the finalists in two significant categories:

  1. Impact Funder of the Year (Alitheia Capital)
  2. Impact Fund of the Year (Alitheia IDF)

The Impact Funder Award category acknowledges investors who demonstrated exceptional dedication and effectiveness in using non-traditional funding approaches to provide catalytic capital to support innovative businesses. Alitheia Capital’s strategic investments through its different funds and proactive approach to supporting growth and innovation made it a standout contender for this recognition.

In addition to the Impact Funder Award, one of Alitheia’s flagship funds, Alitheia IDF, was shortlisted for the Impact Fund Award. Alitheia IDF is a pioneering investment vehicle that focuses on investing in women-led, women-serving, and gender-diverse businesses. This nomination acknowledges the fund’s innovative approach to investing and its significant contributions to empowering women entrepreneurs, fostering inclusive economic growth, and driving gender-inclusive development across the continent.

Being shortlisted for these two awards is a testament to Alitheia Capital’s unwavering dedication to advancing African social and economic development through impactful investment strategies. The firm’s innovative approach, combined with its deep-rooted commitment to driving positive change, has positioned it as a trailblazer in the impact investment landscape. Alitheia Capital has consistently focused on creating value that transcends financial returns.

The winners of the 2024 Krutham Africa Impact Investment Awards will be announced during the Africa Impact Summit in Nairobi on 18 July 2024.

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