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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

We are looking for an exceptional leader and people manager who will transform three high-potential teams at Jetstream into scalable, industry-leading financial functions: Trade Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis, and Accounting.

Our ideal candidate will have significant experience in credit or risk management at a leading global or African fintech, and a demonstrated ability to work cross functionally as a general manager. This leader will have regular reporting responsibilities to Jetstream’s board of directors and the broader investment community, and must be an excellent, high-integrity communicator.


Senior Associate, Sales and Operations Supply Chain (Nigeria)

As a sales and operations senior associate, you will see to the day-to-day movement of import and export shipments, and work with Jetstream’s product team, vendor partners and local staff, to ensure end-to-end location and financial visibility for cargo owners.

Your primary objective is to optimize the speed and reliability of shipments processed on Jetstream’s Jetvision platform and see to the marketing, onboarding of the cargo owners and freight forwarders on Jetsvision.

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