The uMunthu Fund

uMunthu I, with a €100 million mandate, focuses on pan-African investments catering to underserved groups, ensuring access to affordable, high-quality goods and services. Its successor, uMunthu II, builds on this legacy with a €150 million mandate, furthering the fund’s mission.

A group of wemy employees at the factory


Invested in over 20 companies across sub-Saharan Africa, positively impacting various sectors including financial services, agriculture, health, education, clean energy, and affordable housing.


In collaboration with Goodwell Investments, B.V. (Netherlands).

Goodwill Investments group image

Impact Numbers

< 1 m
Number of Users
1 k+
Number of Retailers
1 k+
Number of Farmers
1 +
Operating Cities
$ 1 m
Investment Funds


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